Wednesday, August 17, 2011

for today.

My heart is broken. We learned today that this little guy




has diabetes.

He will be admitted first thing tomorrow morning to Primary Children's Hospital where he will stay for 3 days. He will be "regulated" and we all need to be educated.

Tomorrow is a new day where we will look at this thing and say "bring it"

but for today

my heart is broken.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I soooo didn't quit.

promise! (seriously.) mother of all posts coming soon to a theater near you. in the meantime, here are some photos of our very special day today. We are so proud of you and your decision to be baptized Hailey! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

remember that one summer when you broke your leg and both arms?

6 months of awesomeness (and some not so awesomeness). most recent (last week) to least recent (February... ouch I am realllly behind.) ((("amy we already know how your stupid blog works you don't have to tell us EVERYTIME...)))

we (one of us) lost a tooth. finally!
which made our girl who spent her summer searching for "legendary rocks" SO HAPPY.
we started 4th grade and 2nd grade.
we looked so cute.

and handsome.

we mostly love each other. except for the times we can't stand each other.
we went to bear lake. we remembered swim suits one of the times. we forgot the camera most of the times. we (one of us) hated the water. and yet we (one of us) ran to the water at 900 miles per hour on a death wish. we (two of us) were worn out and it shows.
we (two of us), however, loved the water... pool style and lake style. we hated the canyon drive though and we (one of us) puked. in the freshly detailed car.
we saw the dinosaurs in Ogden.
we were scared of the dinosaurs in Ogden. we (one of us) puked in Grandma's car going back to Logan.
we (one of us) became the hardest 2 year old in the history of 2 year olds. studies have shown that 3 binkis is the answer. . .
Bear Lake the first time... see what I mean?! camera: CHECK! swimsuits: uhhhhhh....
we played with our totally awesome cousins, Bergs and Jumper. and we (one of us) borrowed Berg's swimsuit.
we 24th of Julyed... we (two of us) loved watching the parade
we (one of us) loved being in the parade...
we rodeoed...
and we (two of us plus one best friend) got our picture with the clown that we (one of us) had an embarrassing moment with last year...
we (one of us) was starting to look a LOT better...
we (one of us) got the worst haircut known to dogkind.
we (one of us) had to get staples in our face because of said horrible haircut. ((it's ok Ash. we (most of us) are so not mad!))
we rode in the Children's Parade and we rocked the sports theme...
we ARE cute!
we (one of us) turned 7...
and partyed like it was 1999 (ok fine that doesn't work here. whatever.)
we (one of us) should not be allowed to make cakes because this is how they turn out:
we had the fanciest of fancy friend party...
oh la la!
we (one of us) was a good sport and dressed up fancy too. who am I kidding? I love my pink tutu. I wear it ALL the time.
we (one of us) got a sweet-do. that didn't last too long because it was embarrassing. to him not me.
we had a fun summer. we learned that matching clothes and purple lips with one of your BFF's is crucial to a fun summer.
we had a fun visit from dear friends Sarah and Ruby. we scared Ruby half to death because we are loud and crazy.
we (3 of us) got some pretty rockin' pictures taken by a certain rockin' photographer. who came and helped us SO MUCH this summer. thanks Ash. <3
we (all of us but one) spent many many hours outside...

we snuggled our new, sweet cousin. we (one of us) wasn't too happy about it.
we (one of us) is obsessed with BUGS. and we (one of us) had to get within one inch of BUGS to make sure it actually is BUGS.
we (one of us) had a horrible, horrible, horrible accident on June 8. brief summary: biking down hobble creek canyon + wet roads + tight turn + truck = broken, broken, broken Andy ( right radius - arm -, left scaphoid - wrist -, and right tibial plateau - leg - ) and scared, scared, scared wife. remember last summer and the 8 million Disneyland pictures? well here is this summer's 8 million pictures: (WARNING: SOME ARE SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY GROSS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

post surgery and in SO MUCH PAIN:

*obviously, this made for the LONGEST, LONGEST, LONGEST summer EVER, but we are so GRATEFUL to still have Andy with us. it could have been much worse. WE (ALL OF US) ARE SO THANKFUL for the prayers and the help that was offered on our behalf. we could not have made it through this alone. ok now back to the blogaroo...*

we (one of us) decided that choosing our clothes was more fun than mom choosing our clothes. pink and red... yessssssss.
we (one of us) had a run in with the basement couch and chipped our PERMANENT front teeth right in half.

we dance recitaled... and we (one of us) did such a GREAT job!
we (one of us) got phonecalls from grandma and daddy who were both SO SAD that they couldn't come...
school's out... we celebrated with some mini-golf (all of us) and a migraine (one of us)
we had the BEST teachers EVER! Mrs. Mecham...
and Mrs. Blackhurst
we made such good friends in school this year and we (one of us) were so sad that one best friend had to move :(
we (one of us) did such a FABULOUS job in our 1st grade program and even got to rap SOLO in the microphone... (p.s. is this not the cutest couple below? I would have to say yes, yes it is. 1st grade... whatever. they are CUTE!!!) also, we (one of us) had a fever of 104 in this picture and we (none of us) had any idea until we got home. SO SAD!
this is the "fish backdrop" that we (one of us) spent hours and hours (and hours and hours) on...
we spent many hours in the freezing cold at spring soccer. the cold didn't stop one of us...
we (one of us) turned 8? no Peaches: 2. you turned 2.
we (one of us) makes us (all of us) so, so happy. that smile is contagious. we (all of us) LOVE YOU PEACHES and we (all of us) mean it.

we (one of us) made a wish (no Peaches: you can't have a baby pig.)
we (one of us) LOVES her new scooter.
we babysat Jimmy Jumps for a week because...

we (all of us) happily welcomed baby Brooklyn!
we Pinewood derbied.... I think we won one heat? better than last year...
we went to Baby Animal Days with the rest of Cache Valley. we (two of us) loved holding the baby chicks...
we (one of us) wanted to SQUISH the baby chicks...
we (all of us) LOVED the baby pigs. and we (one of us) wanted to carry the baby pig home.
we (3 of us) loved petting the animals. we (one of us) was having to take deep, deep breaths for obvious reasons. *G*E*R*M*S*
we celebrated the March-April birthday peoples. which included moi and a very pregnant beetle.
we Eastered at the cabin...

so many colors.... so many colors....
we LOVE that bunny... LEGOS!
we St. Georged. we hiked Zions.
we LOVED hiking Zions.
yes, we (ALL OF US.... surprised?) loved hiking Zions.
we (two of us) RENO'ed.
we (one of us) made another blasted poster for a very special little guy. is it just me, or do the posters seriously TAKE FOREVER?
we (4 of us) posed for a picture. we (one of us) needs to learn picture etiquette. SCOOBA that is GROSS.
we (one of us) got our first french manicure. thanks grandma!
we (3 of us) snuggled and i-phoned. thanks grandma!
we believed that we will win! we believed that we will win!
we (one of us) made the cutest valentines for the babes. we (one of us) loved them and we (one of us) not so much... (((thanks hilary for the cutest idea ever!!!)))
we tried to follow school laws and make boxes according to the theme: 3rd graders: simple machines and...
1st graders: we love to read! next year we will break the law and just make awesome boxes.
the end. p.s. this post took me 33 hours. p.s.s. if you made it this far I should send you a reward. but instead: could you please tell me the EXACT name of both of these plants (the ones next to the house). thank you very much.

and because you did make it this far, we (all of us) feel you should be rewarded with this:
cya in 6.