Saturday, July 19, 2008

I never would have thought.

that Tori Spelling and I have something in common.

but we do!!! we so do!!!

ok. you all know by now that I have a sweet new baby. along with a baby comes the FUN of feeding every 3 or so hours. so while feeding her I always hideout in my bedroom so that a) if anyone drops by unannounced I won't be embarrased. and b) so that I can watch tv while feeding the little (ok not so little... more info. on that later) peanut.

alright so you do the math: that is a lot of tv watching. seriously. I tried reading because I am sure that's much more productive... but I hate it. reading is like homework to me. so I dedicated myself to HGTV. UNTIL I COULDN'T STAND TO WATCH ONE MORE re-decorated/re-painted/re-furbished/re-EVERYTHINGED house...... so I went channel surfing. I ran into this little gem on the Oxygen channel: "Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood." Yes, it is a reality show following Tori Spelling, her husband Dean something (I think he might be famous?) and their son Liam.

I am hooked. It is basically hilarious. I mean, these people are for REAL and yet the whole time I keep thinking "these people can't be for real." ANYWAY........ in a recent episode, Liam starts swimming lessons. Everytime he put his little face in the water, Tori gasps. Huge annoying (but totally not on purpose!) gasps. She then follows the footage with the commentary that she is a huge gasper. If anything could possibly endanger her child -- she gasps. OH MY GOSH!!! THIS IS ME!!! I am a gasper. It is so embarrasing, but I seriously can't help it.

Take for example, just the other day on Hailey's last day of swimming lessons she was going off the low dive. Now keep in mind Hailey can't swim. This is her first year of lessons. She did great -- but is not even CLOSE to swimming. Every time her instructor had her try to swim to him she would sink. So -- I am a little paranoid that my child is going off the low dive with her only life saving device being the noodle they tied around her waist. Sure there was a lifeguard in the pool... but there are also roughly a million other children.... So just as she is going off the diving board for the 3rd or 4th time -- I express to my husband (again!) how nervous it makes me. And then it happened! Her noodle came off. GAAAAAAAASP!!!!!!! I am sure that people thought that I was having a heart attack. OK, so I sort of was!!! HELLO -- my little girl -- ON HER BIRTHDAY -- is going to DROWN!!!!!! I literally jumped of the bleachers and ran marathon style to the other end of the pool, gasping gasping gasping the whole way. I couldn't even get words out. Just huge gasps and me pointing at the deep end.

The funny thing: Hailey didn't panic. At all. She calmly grabbed the edge of her noodle and kicked her way to the side.

Now talk about feeling foolish. I should have taken a bow at that point -- don't you think? But I mean, seriously, it scared me half to death.

Do any of you do this? Are you an over-panicker and a gasper just like myself and Tori Spelling?

So I guess I should say: Tori Spelling (I KNOW you read my blog!!! come on -- I watch your show...) since we seem to have something in common, if you are ever in the area -- give me a call, let's do a playdate. We can totally gasp the day away.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Tyler: matching shirts!!! LAME.

Paige: I am SO bored.

Hailey: just keep smiling. just keep smiling.