Friday, February 5, 2010

OOPS! I did it again ...

I played with your heart ...

got lost in the game.

ohhh baby baby...

(want to know the sad part? I didn't have to google those lyrics!!! HAHA! I REALLY DIDN'T! you know you know it too.)

drum roll:
the creers Septemberish '09 - Januaryish '10 ... blog style! (most recent to least recent . . . got it?)

if there are shoes -- she will put them on. if there are accessories -- she will put them on. she is VERRRRY fashionable these days.

pretty in pink . . . cousins AND friends!

this year's card. for DON: MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! you're welcome.


the bribe notes for Santa... they worked.

the stockings were modeled by the fireplace with flare...

she made the cookies. I AM SERIOUS!

the creatin o' the cookies. cutest little bakers ever. and yes we put Dr. Pepper in our cookies -- don't you?

do you know when you learned how to blow a bubble? me neither. but Hailey will cause her mom took a picture. (mother of the year, I know I know... stop... enough...)

Hailey our star student --- I ONLY put this on here because that blasted star took me a friggin long time.

Peege got the stomach flu. oh my. oh yes: we call her Peege now thanks to her cousun Jimmy Jumper. NONONONONO PEEGE! GOWAY!

9 candles! ALREADY!!!

yo-ho-yo-ho a happy birthday to Ty!

fun at Pirate Island ... arrrrrrgh

happy 9th birthday buddy! WE LOVE YOU!!!


cutest fuzzy chicken we have ever seen...

toughest ninja we have ever seen...

evilist? devil we have ever seen...

the carvin' o the pumpkins.

Hailey and grandma pre-pumpkin-cruise

the Creer fam. pre-pumpkin cruise (Ty = DON'T YOU DARE TAKE MY PICTURE GRANDMA!)

2/3 out. Scooba = UM GUYS... hi it's me scooba. feeling a little trapped here. (in case you don't know: Scooba talks exactly like Napolean Dynamite. true story...)

how is THIS the only picture of the birthday celebration? wife of the year TOO.

pirate day for East Meadows 1st graders. (funny story: so Hailey announced it was pirate day the following day at school. Sweet -- we have pirate stuff. Beetle (who was visiting) and I made sure that we got to school just before the final bell rang on Pirate day so that we could see all the little pirates filing out. you can guess where this is going ... right? YEP: Hai was the O N L Y pirate. WE WERE LAUGHING SO HARD. I am currently laughing so hard. Pirate Day Hai? sure......)

back at it ... dancer in training ...

and because I couldn't pick between the two...

CAUGHT UP. BOO-YEAH. and guess what? I like blogging this way. thanks for sticking with me. Cya soon. or in 6 months. whatever.