Wednesday, August 29, 2007


because... well. why not?
you NEED to buy this:

it's so good. really. it reminds me of the bread at Macaroni Grill. oh, if the "sam's choice" on the box didn't give it away, you buy it at wal-mart. where ELSE would I buy it in this here town of mine?

yes, her:

these photos were taken during my days of ailment. she was sooo patient and good. her favorite past-time was to give mommy a "make-over" ... then I would reciprocate (thus, the pictures...) there are no pictures of me post-makeover because Hailey's idea of a makeover is mascara all over my face. and let's face it... sick face and mascara face = not a pretty picture. I don't think any of you would come back... ever.

while on the hailey-subject, I have two funny hailey moments to share : 1) for the past week-ish she has requested her bedroom light left on bedtime. she falls asleep INSTANTLY. I can't explain it. maybe she would stay in bed ALL night long if I left her light on ALL night long? might be worth a shot? AND worth the inflated energy bill. 2) last night she cried for at least 15 minutes because she wanted to watch "boston" on tv. "boston" = the boston red sox. andrew was a very proud daddy at that moment. too bad they weren't on tv last night. to calm her, we just put her in bed and turned on her light. MAGIC... ;)

and the last random...
it has been raining here so much (so much) (so much ) (so much) (so much). as a result, we have mushrooms the size of baseballs growing in our yard. ***I meant to take a picture*** but I didn't get to it before andrew mowed the lawn***next time maybe he could be more considerate?*** anyway... anyone want to come over for lunch tomorrow? we could have pizza... salads... ?


Monday, August 27, 2007

I love these guys.

and I love these pictures.

because Hailey has her arm around Ty. usually his arm is around her... but she got to it first this time (plus, his arms appear to be full...)

yep... I love these guys.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

what do you do when you're sick?

I did this...

then this...

and still to come...

then after that...

Saturday, August 25, 2007


*if you are not "anonymous", no need to read any further, well, actually go ahead and read on...

Stale tuna is my new favorite "I'm bringing it back" phrase.

speaking of stale tuna...

I think that leaving rude anonymous comments on one's blog is STALE TUNA. (please refer to comments under "I'm sorry, what was the question again?")

the funny part, anonymous, you can't play your games on this blog anymore because as of right now anonymous comments are NO MORE. I am sure if you could post a comment, anonymous, you would say "why bring back stale tuna? why not bring back wench?"

Anonymous picked the wrong day to mess with me -- I have a raging fever and a bad attitude.

So long anonymous!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Medary 1st Grade..."

Like I said earlier, today was Ty's first day of 1st grade. He did great... and loved everything BUT recess. Seriously. He said recess is "too many kids, too crazy, and dangerous." Oh boy... he IS my child. Hailey and I had a quiet day at home (too quiet) and were so excited to pick up Ty at 3:22 (yes that is the time... it is strange, but I kind of love it.) Poor Ty was worn out by 7:00 tonight and was very emotional asking me if I could "please home-school him like Kari and Rylee" (because of the extreme craziness of recess...) I told him I didn't know how to be a teacher and he said "Kari will teach you! Or Kari could teach me!" Kari... any interest? Haha... jk. He will do just fine and figure out that recess is actually pretty dang fun.

And here comes the pictures... lots and lots of pictures ;)
(oh, and I had to throw a picture in of cute Hailey making her sandwich "ALL BY MYSELF!")

I'm sorry - what was the question again?

oh yes, I remember.

but FIRST OFF... today is Ty man's first day of 1st grade. It has been a LOOOOONG day for me and I am literally counting down the minutes until I can go pick him up. Pathetic, I know. I have some cute pictures of him that I will post later today.

question #1 -- where can I find the original Peanut Butter Twixes? answer: Runnings Farm & Fleet. this creates a whole new question though: do I buy and eat candy from a Farm & Fleet store? seems a little wrong to me...

question #2 -- how do I add pictures using a Mac? answer: a-ha! don't use safari; use firefox... for all you mac users (none of you?)

question (more of a problem) #3 -- the matching hangers dilemna. solution: put all the winter/out of season stuff on a different type of plastic hanger -- and wah-lah -- when you change your wardrobe for the season all your hangers match. I am brilliant, really. This, however, will only work temporarily. I will spare you the boring details as to why but if you think REALLY hard about it you will also know why.

how is everyone else today? any of your nagging questions getting resolved as well?

Friday, August 17, 2007


my mom and grandma flew back with us to South Dakota. it was (mostly) fun to have them here and we greatly appreciated all of their help putting together our house. we ventured to Sioux Falls for an afternoon and to help grandma get around, we rented one of these bad boys in each of the stores:

now here's the funny part. my grandma would adjust the speed (on accident? not sure...) and send that thing FLYING through the stores. she was taking out clothing racks, employees, small children, innocent customers... AND instead of saying "oh I am so sorry!..." or "excuse me!"... she would laugh!!! not joking!!! one time she was doing a sharp u-turn and she came awfully close to a young couple with a baby. she said "at least I didn't get the baby!" my mom and I were mortified.

my sweet grandma. she is one-of-a-kind!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

why do THEY do that?

seriously. why?

I will tell you why.

because THEY are brillant. very very brillant brillant people. who are driving me 150% crazy.

ok now that I've got your attention...

this is what I am talking about:

hangers. GRRRRR. HANGERS!!!!!!

I must insert a warning: if you do not already know what a psycho I am please don't read any further. but you are going to keep reading ANYWAY... aren't you?

here's the scoop. I need some new hangers. no big deal, right? WELL IT IS A MAJOR... MASSIVE... HUGE... CAUSING ME TO LOSE SLEEP... DEAL. BECAUSE the brillant people mentioned above CHANGE the hangers roughly every year so that it is impossible for one to have matching hangers unless you buy ALL NEW hangers when in reality you only need 5-10.

ok. I know. none of the rest of you care if your hangers match. I wish I didn't care. Really, I do. But I do care. so it looks like I am going to buy 250 new hangers. just so that they all match. I will be sure to post a picture of the pretty matching hangers.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

still a work in progress...

but check this out!!!


Monday, August 6, 2007



I can't add any pictures to my blog unless they are in embedded in a post. Any ideas as to why? It is driving me C*R*A*Z*Y. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

WE ARE...?

getting settled in here in our new home. Thus the lack of posts lately. Expect house pictures soon... very very soon :)