Saturday, September 22, 2007

proud ... and funny...

proud: Tyler was nominated for the Medary "good example" award for........ (think really hard about what would make ME really really happy -- ok, got it?).............. yes -- a CLEAN DESK!!! YEAH!!! such a proud mommy right now!

funny: Tyler does NOT know if his P.E. teacher is a boy or a girl. it is SOOO hilarious to hear him talk about him/her. He says "Mr. ... or ... Mrs. so and so ....." Can't wait to find out the gender of the mystery gym-teacher!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the past week(ish)...

in pictures...

cheering on our soccer boy!

sarah and ruby -- our FUN guests for the week!

Hailey's first day of dance class (her second year in dance)

completely OUT after the first SDSU football game...

this one's gross. Hai's concoction: marshmallows/butterscotch chips/strawberry applesauce/reg. applesauce/corn/cheerios/uncooked noodles

and even GROSSER (more gross?) SHE ATE IT AND SAID "MMMMM!!! IT'S GOOD!!!!"

Monday, September 17, 2007

she's on a roll...

today Hailey and Ty were having an argument about "strangers" (who would be considered a stranger; who would not be considered a stranger...) the argument in and of itself was quite hilarious, but what got me was when Hailey, who was completely fed-up with Ty, yelled "JESUS, THE EASTER BUNNY AND SANTA CLAUS ARE WATCHING!!!"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Can I wipe my sadness on my shirt?"

Oh Hailey.... you MELT our HEARTS.

Today, after church, things were a bit rough for Hailey. She was tired (from church, of course) and was bent-out-of-shape about her "post-church-clothes" -- sadly, a common battle around here. Well... when she finally settled down, she said to Andrew and I "Can I wipe my sadness on my shirt?" (meaning: can she wipe her tears using her sleeve?)

Sometimes, actually most times, I just want to gobble her up... we love YOU to PIECES Hailey Joe!

Oh and sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera is mal-functioning. Be patient. They will be back shortly.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


So, the stores are officially "Halloweened." We absolutely LOVE it! This is the best time of year, hands down. What we are NOT loving is the 28 degree weather... in September. But that's a whole different post. OK, back to the "Halloweened" stuff ... this, of course, has brought some urgency with the kiddos: WHAT WILL THEY BE FOR HALLOWEEN?! Well, I am a sneaky mom (I think it's extreme BRILLIANCE) and have been telling my kids (for months now) what they want to be. That way, when Halloween time actually rolls around, they are convinced that yes, they do want to be a PIRATE (Ty) and SLEEPING BEAUTY (Hai). It has always worked; until this year. Little strong-willed Hailey decided that Sleeping Beauty was NOT the costume for her this year (gasp; she already has the dress!) She carried on and on (and on and on and on...) in Wal-Mart yesterday because she wants to be a WITCH for Halloween. And not just any witch... a witch from "THE VIZARD OF FOG!!!" (Got it?) Long story short -- she won (she always wins, doesn't she? ...bring on the mother-of-the-year comments) and we found her a witch costume -- one that looks nothing like the "THE VIZARD OF FOG" but appeased her none-the-less. And cute (clueless) Ty will still be a pirate in his clearance Wal-Mart woman's blouse and black sweat pants. Now you all can't wait for pictures... actually, neither can I :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

before I forget...

and since this old blog of mine is also serving as my journal -- I just have to get this one down.

The other night I was putting a band-aid on Ty's arm. I guess I twisted his little arm more than he would prefer (to reach the area needing a band-aid) because this was his reaction: "Mom! I DON'T LIKE BEING MAN-HANDLED!!!"

oh my gosh. we about died laughing.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

so many pictures...

too many pictures? probably. but here they are anyway.

welcome, welcome, welcome to the big blue house...

we love our new red door

and the BIG deck!

kitchen... yes, it is orange (on purpose!)

dining... we REALLY miss the mauve light with flowered accents...

living room

view when you walk in the red door...

master bedroom

Ty's ARMY room*

Hailey's PINK room*

(the following picture did not turn out great for some reason; the color is much better in person...)

downstairs family room

the "extra" bedroom -- b.k.a. STORAGE!!!

*anyone know where we can get an EASY design for making cute kids beds? that'll be one of the next projects... after we refinish the desk, refinish Hai's nightstand, re-do counter-tops, tile the bathrooms... SO MUCH to DO... SO LITTLE TIME... ;)

WE LOVE OUR NEW PLACE!!! And we would LOVE visitors ANYTIME!!! (See you tomorrow Sarah!!! HOORAY!!!)

Friday, September 7, 2007

"two circle hairs"

and here you have Hailey's second day of pre-school picture... I just couldn't resist...

oh! this is her new, favorite hair-do... "circle hairs"...

and one last thing... her entire outfit came from our one and only store (Wally's-Mart) -- I think I might stop complaining about our one and only store. they really, honestly DO have cute (inexpensive) things!

"expensive hanger habits"

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pre-school... a SUCCESS!

Yesterday was Hailey's 1st day of pre-school. I have been a little bit nervous because she has been especially (really... very...) attached to me lately; I thought for sure she wouldn't let me leave without a fight. BUT... to my relief (and shock)... she just walked right in and said "bye mom!"

I admit I got a little camera happy... but can you blame me? I mean... just look at her...


potato chips... holding hands... Tony...

another funny Tylerism (thanks Kari for the phraseology.)

Tyler came out of school today SO HAPPY! The reason -- he made a friend! HOOOORAY!! And this is his explanation (not his exact words... but darn close...) "Today at lunch I sat next to a boy. His name is Tony. He had never tried potato chips -- so I shared my potato chips -- and it made us friends! He is in Mrs. Larson's class, the class next door. We held hands back to our classrooms! "

I laughed so hard (internally of course)... such innocence in 1st grade! And also, hope Tony's mom doesn't come after us for feeding her kid potato chips....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"I just call him dude."

So each child in Ty's class has been assigned a 5th grade friend. Ty met his 5th grade friend on Friday. Andrew and I were asking Ty about his day and about his 5th grade friend. We asked him what his friend's name was... his response: "I just call him dude."