Wednesday, June 25, 2008

when is the 4th of July?

Tyler: "when is the 4th of July?"

Mom: the trying to contain laughter noise

Tyler: "oh."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


this one's for you Nancy.

we are all adjusting to life with Paige here.  in fact, I can't really remember life before she arrived.  funny how that happens.  she is a great baby.  she doesn't cry much. . . her preferred "sound" is grunting.  it's kind of an odd sound.  I guess we are used to it but I get some strange looks when out and about with her.  she definitely goes with the flow -- which is a HUGE blessing because there is a lot of "flow" round here.  we are out and about much of the day running to school (Hai), soccer camp (Ty), swimming lessons(Hai & Ty), T-ball (Ty), etc etc etc. and for the most part little Paigers just sleeps the whole time peacefully in her car seat. (with the exception of an occasional grunt....)  it is something new to me because Hailey so didn't go with the flow.  she hated being in her car seat.  in fact, she hated just about everything.  it is so nice to have a SWEET, PERFECT little baby.

now here is where I am struggling.  it's this crazy little fraction: 2/3.  and if any of you know me, I mean really really know me, then you can guess what this little fraction relates to.  got it?  yes, it is about my crazy obsession with keeping a clean, organized house.  

you see, my house is multi-level.  3 levels to be exact.  and everyday I can get 2/3 of the levels clean.  the upper-upstairs (bedrooms/bathroom) always gets cleaned: beds made, bathroom shiny, everything picked up and in it's proper place (I even maintain the closets... I just have to.  OCD I know...)  upstairs (aka main level) -- also gets clean: although a little trickier b/c it is the kitchen level, I manage to stay on top of dishes and keep this level clean and put together (yes, even my cupboards are lovely... remember-- OCD here!)  NOW for the 1/3 that doesn't get done... the 1/3 that is weighin' me down: THE BASEMENT!!!  yikes.  ok, to be honest, our basement family room generally is clean -- this is where the kids have all their toys and they are little champs about cleaning up on a daily basis.  (see job charts on previous post).  the laundry room is ok... I do ALL laundry on Mondays so on Mondays it's a zoo in there.... but the rest of the week it's just fine.  the R*E*A*L problem is the EXTRA BEDROOM (insert evil howling noises).  it has gotten out of hand.  ever since little Paige joined us -- I have literally been throwing things in that room.  stuff that I don't want to deal with.  papers that need to be filed.  kids stuff for their save boxes.  stuff we are getting rid of.  JUST STUFF EVERYWHERE.  I should take a picture but I am too embarrased... it is just not like me to be so... MESSY!!!  I know the solution seems easy: just ignore the other 2/3 for a day and focus on the 1/3... BUT I JUST CAN'T RIGHT NOW.  I get too much satisfaction from pretty beds and a clean kitchen.  but let me tell you that 1/3 is seriously eating away at me... always in the back of my head... I mean, what if -- HEAVEN FORBID: someone were to SEE IT?  

so faithful blog readers, let's cut this girl some slack and give her a little peace of mind: promise me that if you should happen to swing by for a visit, you will not, under any circumstance, go to the 1/3 or, more specifically, the extra bedroom.  it has just got to be messy for now.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

this is where we are headed.

yes, that is Hailey.

yes, this is exactly where Paige is headed... straight towards Squishydom.

don't get me wrong -- I like my babies squishy. Just wanted to warn the rest of you so that you aren't alarmed when you see CHUB ROLLS like you've never seen before. I mean -- LOOK at that leg!!!!! JUST LOOK AT IT!!! that's got to be some kind of record!

love you Hailey... and Paigey... and all your sweet little rolls...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Paigey Paigey...

ok... for those of you that knew "Squishy" as a baby -- aren't we looking at "Squishy II" here? we LOVE to kiss those cheeks Paigey Paigey!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

oh, so cute!


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