Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tonight I had an adult temper tantrum

First, I must start out by saying that I had a truly horrible day. My kids were rotten. They are sometimes difficult, but rarely rotten like they were today. They were ROTTEN which resulted in a massive headache. My husband came home from work and announced that he had to go hometeaching in half an hour. I panicked and told him I first had to run to the store (withOUT the kids) to get things we were out of (I told him bread and milk; I meant diet coke.) So I did my quick store run, came home, got the kids bathed, brushed (teeth -- of course) and tucked in bed. I then went to load my precious diet cokes into the fridge when to my absolute DISMAY the box ripped and out tumbled each little pop can -- bouncing all over the floor and then spurting little fountains of diet coke all over the kitchen floor and opened refrigerator. It was quite a comical scene I am sure watching me trying to catch the cans while avoiding the diet coke fountains -- neither of which were a success.

My reaction: a full-blown temper tantrum. I jumped up and down -- screamed "NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!" I even kicked my flip flops off as hard as I could into the next room. When I finally settled down I could kind of/sort of/maybe see the humor in the situation. I mean did this REALLY JUST HAPPEN to me on this pretty much crappy day? Yep. But let me tell you. That little tantrum was the best thing I could have done. I FELT better. I even thought about doing it again. I am going to stop punishing my kids when they have temper tantrums. Honestly they help you blow off steam and feel a whole heck of a lot better.

I strongly recommend a good adult temper tantrum every once in awhile. I also recommend keeping plenty of diet coke on hand at ALL times.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The first one

Here is the truth. I really have no desire to write a blog. I have nothing interesting to say. BUT I do want to leave comments on friends blogs, and in order to do so, I had to create my own blog... so here it is.

Today is Friday. TGIF? That used to mean something way more exciting than it does now. Eh... well that's all for today. See? Nothing to say.