Monday, December 17, 2007


so guys... sorry to keep you waiting all day. I know you all checked my blog a million times because you just couldn't STAND IT ;)

SO... it's looking like a GIRL and we (well most of us anyway...) couldn't be HAPPIER! (poor Ty is trying to be a good sport about it... he really is, but he just couldn't hide his disappointment. he needs more BOYS for his basketball/football/etc. etc. etc. teams... hey, it only makes sense! doesn't it?)

now comes the hard part: what to name this little girl!???

Sunday, December 16, 2007


cute Ty looked out the window this morning and after seeing the fog proclaimed


what do you say to that? Yep, he sure did.

pink OR blue?

what do YOU think?

Ty thinks a BOY.

Hai thinks a GIRL.

the parents are CLUELESS... but will find out tomorrow at the ULTRASOUND!!!!

I will be sure to let you all know the gender of the next Creer babe...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the favorite

decorations this year.

I know, I know... but it's on the counter so much it technically could be a decoration. AND IT'S SO GOOD.

the tree. decorated for the 3rd and final time. long long long story -- just know it is completely shatterproof at this point.

close-up of the tree. it is quite lovely and quite harmless... all at the same time.
parental tip: never give your child these 2 options: 1) stop the football roughness while the tree is up or 2) the tree goes down -- because he/she will pick the tree going down. this was our compromise.

I love my sparkly joy letters. LOVE THEM.

and last but not least -- our "big balls" (as someone calls them... I will not name names... uh-hmmm...)

Friday, November 30, 2007


no wait... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I have been a blog slacker. I have been bad (obviously) at posting and bad at keeping up with all of yours. isn't this just a CRAZY (but FUN) time of year?

here are a few quick updates:
we had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with dear friends here is South Dak. The meal and the company were splendid. A special thank-you to Quinn and Teresa for hosting and making such a DELICIOUS dinner. We don't know what we would do without our dear friends here; and we hope to never find out ;) We had a great day.

a picture of those in attendance:

Hailey's phrase of the week:
"You RUINED my heartbeat!" **going a step further than breaking her heart -- yes she is a bit dramatic**

the house is officially DECORATED for the holidays -- with the exception of the outside lights... which I might add will go up tomorrow (Andrew... you reading this? TOMORROW!!! ;) I will post some pictures of the house soon (April?)

and lastly -- the thing that is keeping me so busy (besides the kids and everyday life...): orders for Christmas card designs. This LemonLimeDesign stuff is taking off! Thanks to those who have referred me to friends and family ... it is so appreciated!

p.s. Tor... this post was done in honor of you. Happy birthday a day late!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am crazy. And I am going crazy.

a double whammy, I know. believe me, I know.

Allow me to explain.

(Here is the I am going crazy part.)
Last night I was having a hard time falling asleep. As I was laying there I heard what I thought was the sump pump turning on. That's strange -- it's FREEEEZING cold, there's no way that the sump pump is turning on. So... I continue thinking... WHAT IS THAT NOISE????? Oh cr*p ... it's our furnace: it's going to explode. It's our auto ice maker: gone wild. It's our garage door: obviously possessed of the devil -- going up/down/up/down. AHHHH!!! WHAT IS THAT NOISE? Finally, I couldn't take it. I woke up my soundly-sleeping hubby:


He says "the WASHING MACHINE?"

I said "No-- I finished all the laundry earlier. It isn't the washing machine."

He says "It's not???"

Me (panicking!): "WHAT IS THAT NOISE?"

Right then it occurred to me...

Me to poor hubby: "never mind -- go back to sleep."

Sooooo... I HAD started the washing machine. And completely forgot. Totally and completely forgot. Because, you see...

(And here is the I am crazy part.)
I didn't start the washing machine to wash clothes. Or sheets. Or anything else that you wash in a washing machine. INSTEAD, I was 'hot water/bleaching' the actual washing machine. There has been so much laundry activity this week that I decided it was time to wash the washing machine.

Please please please tell me that at least one of you out there has done or does do this? Please. We can be crazy together. In fact, I think there might be a club or group or something that we could join...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

so blessed.


For our mom (and grandma):

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! We can't thank you enough for coming to our rescue! We loved having you visit and are so grateful for all of your help (laundry, dishes, keeping the house clean and in order, cooking, finger soaks, medicine for all, and enduring endless manicures, pedicures and make-overs from a 4-year-old)

a great birthday for a great kid.

Tyler wanted to have dinner at Applebee's and go bowling on his birthday. After we found out there were bowling leagues, we changed our plans to Pizza Hut and swimming afterwards.

Tyler's birthday party was Friday night. We had a "surprise" guest... one of Ty's heros: Andy Hoogeveen -- an SDSU linebacker. Ty answered the door and said "ANDY?!!" He was so shocked and so happy!

Other party guests...

The theme for Ty's party was the Red Sox! Grandma did a great job frosting the baseball cake and cupcakes.

The sign that I took WAY too long to do... but it turned out kinda cool, don't you think?!

The happy boy with mom, dad, and Scooba. It was a fun couple of days celebrating our cute Tyler!

Had to sneak this one in... I love these guys!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

7 years.

to the little guy that I love more than words... happy, happy, happy birthday!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


my mom is in town. we ventured to Sioux Falls for a Target/mall run on Thursday (no school because of parent/teacher conferences)

while in Target, lots of nice customers were smiling at the children. in response, Ty would pull a frowny face and make a soft growling noise. real nice, huh? so my mom told Ty that it would be ok for him to be a little friendly and smile when others smiled at him.

Moments later, Hailey angelically smiled and said "hi" to a lady that we passed on the aisle. I was feeling so proud that at least one of my children could be polite. two seconds later she says "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" (as well as mustering the same soft growl as Ty.)

HOLY CR**! I was so embarrassed. I apologized to the (now laughing, thankfully) lady and said that I think she meant "excuse me" ... luckily the lady had a sense of humor.

Friday, November 2, 2007

captain jack sparrow & the most beautiful sparkle witch

our halloween was a hit... trick or treating... ward party... SDSU b-ball game. Yes, lots to fit into one night, but we did it all AND had a really fun night! here are pictures of the cuties in their costumes. oh... and Ty is wearing the wal-mart women's clearance blouse and yes it was perfect!

Monday, October 22, 2007

"It stings when I drink my spit!!!"

finally... highlights (and lowlights) of the past couple weeks:

***Ty lost his first tooth on October 9th!

*** Andrew celebrated his 35th (not his 341st ... didn't have a "5" candle) birthday on October 18th!

*** Grandma celebrated her 80th birthday on October 20th *wish we could have been there for the festivities!*

*** Andrew and Tyler BOTH have staph infections on their fingers. OUCH... and SCARY! (no photos; be grateful)

*** Hailey's exact words last week: "It stings when I drink my spit." YES -- she had a sore throat and a fever. So now guess what? It stings when I drink MY spit! Here's to a LONG week.........


straight from the mouth of Ty this morning. so much more to come... sometime soon... I hope.

Friday, October 12, 2007


*** Today Tyler told me he has been learning about "George Columbus" this week in school.

*** Tonight Hailey and I were having a "churchy" conversation. She told me "I don't like that one guy." I said (quite surprised) "Jesus?" (Because we had been talking about Jesus.) She said "No! I LOVE Jesus! I don't like the OTHER guy!" Smart mommy SHOULD have said "the devil?", but instead I said "Heavenly Father?" ...and what did she say? "YES! HIM!" Um.... oh dear.

*** On a recent trip to Wal-Mart, Hailey and I passed by the girls bra section. Hailey whispered this to me: "Can I buy a little boob?" (I laughed out loud on that one)

*** Hailey proudly displayed on the refrigerator for a week the picture that she colored of "Adam and Steve" (got it? Adam and EVE...)

OK, I just realized most of these are Hailey. I guess she is kind of hilarious right now. Pictures to come of Ty who lost his first tooth this week -- woo-hoo!!!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

house for sale.

exterior: blue; bright red front door; large deck
interior: fresh paint throughout; tri-level; 4 bedrooms; 2 bath; finished basement

If ANY of you think for one second that I am kidding... let me tell you. I... am... so... not... kidding.

Another SNAKE sighting today. Only this snake was 8 million times bigger than yesterday's. And the squirmy little devil was just hanging out right there next to our house!!! ARE... YOU... KIDDING... ME? Today's reaction: tears. Lots and lots of tears. Mostly because I don't want to move but WE HAVE TO... because, you see...

The snakes: They will come in. Through the toilets. Through the sump-pumps. Through the washing maching. Through the door that was left open a little too long. AND I will NOT be the one living here when they do...

SO... spread the word. HOUSE FOR SALE!!! YOU WILL GET A ***SCREAM*** OF A DEAL! (literally).

And I thought I said "The End." yesterday... I guess this is just the beginning...

Friday, October 5, 2007

so paranoid. and so violated.

what is the worst thing that could happen to me today? this is the question I asked my mom, my sister, and kari. because the worst thing that COULD have happened DID happen to me today. now granted their answers -- your house burned down, you wrecked your car, your new puppy died -- were horrible, horrible things -- but this is worse. so way worse.

the kids and I took our little fur-ball pictured below out for a potty break. I sat on the porch stairs... just like I always do. so... right after sitting down, Hailey points and says "mom there's a BIG worm!" I look down. HOLY FREAKING *@#$(*!@#()$*!@)#(%*!)(@*#$()@#*!!!!!!!! It was a snake. Right there. Less than one inch from my left foot. I have never NEVER EVER EVER EVER reacted so irrationally in my life. I said things that shouldn't be said. I screamed. I pulled my hair. I ran to the middle of the drive-way which is the only place I thought I might be safe. (I couldn't get back inside -- the snake was right there by the porch by the door.) I seriously had full body convulsions. There is nothing in this world that I am more TERRIFIED of. Seriously. I can't believe this happened.

Andrew arrived home moments later. Of course, he was curious as to WHAT in the HECK could be going on. I told him. His reaction -- to go find the ?*!@)#(*$!)@(#*% thing (which had slithered into a tiny crack between the sidewalk and garden box) -- carry it to the large field next to our home -- and let it free. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Kill that sucker. Snakes die!

So now I am rethinking this house. I am willing to put it on the market tomorrow. And I am equally willing to tell every potential buyer that the reason that we are selling is SNAKES. Because no one should be tormented in this way.

The end.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


meet our newest addition... our little ball of fur... Scooba!

we had a fun... crazy... but mostly fun weekend. here's how it went down...

our weekend started out like most... Friday night pizza party and movie... the movie happened to be "Scooby-Doo"....

with our favorite treats, of course...

we put the kids to bed and then at about 11:00pm, Grandma, Grandpa Scott, Beetle and Bella (Beetle's dog) arrived at our house. The kids had NO IDEA that they were coming... and that they were bringing us a NEW PUPPY that we bought for the kids (it happens to be Bella's little sister :) We woke the kids up... Ty was so excited and happy to play with the puppies (my mom bought a puppy-sister too and brought it as well). Hai wanted nothing to do with any of this and wanted to go back to bed. She didn't remember any of it the next morning... but then was SO THRILLED with our guests and the puppy!

Saturday's festivities...

The Homecoming Parade (fact: there were OVER 16 marching bands in our parade. it was AWESOME!!!)

Grandma and Grandpa Scott at the parade...

Tyler at the Homecoming game! we won!

Tyler and Grandma at the game...

Swimming and sliding at the hotel that grandma and grandpa were staying... FUN!

at Applebees Sat. night (had to include this one because it is the only picture of Beetle... what happened? :( Notice Ty... he was so tired and hungry ... kept saying "I'm gonna DIE!!!"

Sunday afternoon make-overs....

Ty and Hai with Scoobs and Zoe (my mom's new pup... sister to Scoobs)

Hai with the pups

Hailey with Scooba

It was indeed a FUN, CRAZY WEEKEND!!! :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

proud ... and funny...

proud: Tyler was nominated for the Medary "good example" award for........ (think really hard about what would make ME really really happy -- ok, got it?).............. yes -- a CLEAN DESK!!! YEAH!!! such a proud mommy right now!

funny: Tyler does NOT know if his P.E. teacher is a boy or a girl. it is SOOO hilarious to hear him talk about him/her. He says "Mr. ... or ... Mrs. so and so ....." Can't wait to find out the gender of the mystery gym-teacher!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

the past week(ish)...

in pictures...

cheering on our soccer boy!

sarah and ruby -- our FUN guests for the week!

Hailey's first day of dance class (her second year in dance)

completely OUT after the first SDSU football game...

this one's gross. Hai's concoction: marshmallows/butterscotch chips/strawberry applesauce/reg. applesauce/corn/cheerios/uncooked noodles

and even GROSSER (more gross?) SHE ATE IT AND SAID "MMMMM!!! IT'S GOOD!!!!"

Monday, September 17, 2007

she's on a roll...

today Hailey and Ty were having an argument about "strangers" (who would be considered a stranger; who would not be considered a stranger...) the argument in and of itself was quite hilarious, but what got me was when Hailey, who was completely fed-up with Ty, yelled "JESUS, THE EASTER BUNNY AND SANTA CLAUS ARE WATCHING!!!"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Can I wipe my sadness on my shirt?"

Oh Hailey.... you MELT our HEARTS.

Today, after church, things were a bit rough for Hailey. She was tired (from church, of course) and was bent-out-of-shape about her "post-church-clothes" -- sadly, a common battle around here. Well... when she finally settled down, she said to Andrew and I "Can I wipe my sadness on my shirt?" (meaning: can she wipe her tears using her sleeve?)

Sometimes, actually most times, I just want to gobble her up... we love YOU to PIECES Hailey Joe!

Oh and sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera is mal-functioning. Be patient. They will be back shortly.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


So, the stores are officially "Halloweened." We absolutely LOVE it! This is the best time of year, hands down. What we are NOT loving is the 28 degree weather... in September. But that's a whole different post. OK, back to the "Halloweened" stuff ... this, of course, has brought some urgency with the kiddos: WHAT WILL THEY BE FOR HALLOWEEN?! Well, I am a sneaky mom (I think it's extreme BRILLIANCE) and have been telling my kids (for months now) what they want to be. That way, when Halloween time actually rolls around, they are convinced that yes, they do want to be a PIRATE (Ty) and SLEEPING BEAUTY (Hai). It has always worked; until this year. Little strong-willed Hailey decided that Sleeping Beauty was NOT the costume for her this year (gasp; she already has the dress!) She carried on and on (and on and on and on...) in Wal-Mart yesterday because she wants to be a WITCH for Halloween. And not just any witch... a witch from "THE VIZARD OF FOG!!!" (Got it?) Long story short -- she won (she always wins, doesn't she? ...bring on the mother-of-the-year comments) and we found her a witch costume -- one that looks nothing like the "THE VIZARD OF FOG" but appeased her none-the-less. And cute (clueless) Ty will still be a pirate in his clearance Wal-Mart woman's blouse and black sweat pants. Now you all can't wait for pictures... actually, neither can I :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

before I forget...

and since this old blog of mine is also serving as my journal -- I just have to get this one down.

The other night I was putting a band-aid on Ty's arm. I guess I twisted his little arm more than he would prefer (to reach the area needing a band-aid) because this was his reaction: "Mom! I DON'T LIKE BEING MAN-HANDLED!!!"

oh my gosh. we about died laughing.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

so many pictures...

too many pictures? probably. but here they are anyway.

welcome, welcome, welcome to the big blue house...

we love our new red door

and the BIG deck!

kitchen... yes, it is orange (on purpose!)

dining... we REALLY miss the mauve light with flowered accents...

living room

view when you walk in the red door...

master bedroom

Ty's ARMY room*

Hailey's PINK room*

(the following picture did not turn out great for some reason; the color is much better in person...)

downstairs family room

the "extra" bedroom -- b.k.a. STORAGE!!!

*anyone know where we can get an EASY design for making cute kids beds? that'll be one of the next projects... after we refinish the desk, refinish Hai's nightstand, re-do counter-tops, tile the bathrooms... SO MUCH to DO... SO LITTLE TIME... ;)

WE LOVE OUR NEW PLACE!!! And we would LOVE visitors ANYTIME!!! (See you tomorrow Sarah!!! HOORAY!!!)