Tuesday, April 7, 2009

show me a true-blooded aggie!

Tyler's account of his experience at the WAC tournament...

"I went to Reno, Nevada for the WAC tournament to cheer on the Aggies!  On the first game against Fresno State we won the game.  On the second game against New Mexico State we won by 1 POINT!  On the last game against Nevada, when the clock was on 24 seconds everybody started moving down so that they could run down on the court when the buzzer went off and then on the buzzer everybody WENT WILD!!!  SO DID I!!!  And I got to give Brady Jardine a high-five and then a picture with Matt Formisano and the WAC trophy.  After the Nevada game, I talked with Gary Wilkinson.  I said "NICE JOB!!!"  At every game, Uncle Rico and I went to give the Aggies high-five when they were running in and out of the tunnel.  I got to give Stew a high-five!  When they were running out at the first half of the Nevada game, Pooh Williams gave me a HUGE smile!!!

We also went to Circus-Circus to play and win prizes!  (like at Chuck-E-Cheese's)  The hotel I stayed at was called "The Nugget" ... so me and Rico shared a room together.  And Grandma and Grandpa Scott shared a room.  Kenny was there who stayed at Circus-Circus.  I had a FUN TIME!!!  And that's all!" 

me and Rico and the hoop without the net.
giving Brady Jardine a high-five.
when we were celebrating down on the court.
me and Matt Formisano and the WAC trophy.