Monday, November 16, 2009


"out modest is better"


"out modest is better than IN MODEST"


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


my baby sister has got it.

and now she is willing to share it with you.

and that makes me very happy.

she is having an awesome special right now ... don't miss out.

go here to find out more:

(and yes she took those ADORABLE pictures of the little monkeys right over there ==================>)

Monday, October 12, 2009

has it SERIOUSLY....

been a whole month?

holy granola -- that went by fast.

sadly I don't have anything to say. not tonight at least...

but for your viewing pleasure -- our new trampoline:

looks great, huh???

cya soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am afraid!

of opening pre-packaged dough. you know -- the tubes where you have to pull the little tab and then it POPS open...

the anticipation of the pop is too much for me. just typing this makes my heart race a little faster.

here is how I do it:

I pull the tab just a little . . .

and then throw it on the ground. this way I know WHEN it will pop and that it won't be in my face.

I also just realized that I am probably the only one out there, besides my grandma, still eating pillsbury. I have more important things to do than make stuff from scratch! ... like mop the floor from doughy-residue... ya know???

what are your crazy fears? do tell. I need a good laugh today.

Monday, August 31, 2009

on my mind.

a few months ago I was logging onto our online banking

which was extremely frustrating

because it wasn't "recognizing" my password (hello old friend! you've always been the same...)


in a fit of rage I changed my password

which was not accepted

time and time again

so in an even more fit of rage

I tried one last time

to change that password

and I might've changed it

into some sort of (ok really) naughty words

and just like that it said

"your password has been changed"

so for months everytime I logon to online banking

I have to type in naughty words.

my questions for you:

should I change it back?

does an actual person at the bank know my password?

and are you going to try and break into my account now?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

gorilla bar.

this morning ...
"Mom, teacher said it was ok for us to bring some water and like a healthy snack to school."

"OK. What kind of snack are you thinking of?"

"Teacher said something like a gorilla bar?"

"UM... We don't have those." (thinking is this some kind of crazy new hostess snack cake that I don't know about? and since when are hostess snack cakes healthy? nevermind... they are ALWAYS healthy.

so Ty went to school with just water. And it just barely occured to me what a gorilla bar is. DUH! did you figure it out too?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

do you ever?

do stuff that you have no idea is weird but come to find out is REALLLLY weird?

for example: I just assumed that EVERYONE Lysol's their flip-flops. what? they don't? well I do. gross if you don't. you wash your socks don't you?

also! I for the LOOONGEST time have stored our "guest" pillows in a large Ziploc bag. so, you know, they stay fresh and dust free!!? I had no idea that that was odd until my girlfriend pointed out that I am FREAK-ISH. (love you Sar.)

and just today someone (you know who you are MICHELLE!!!!) laughed at my dish brush labeled "OLD" for sink cleaning ONLY (not to be mistaken with the one that currently cleans the dishes!) heaven forbid that the sink germs get on my dishes that go IN THE SINK.

don't tell anyone ok? this can be our little secret. you know, your freakish friend that you are going to go and tell EVERYONE about? haha! share your weirdnesses -- I DARE YOU!!!

ALSO! ............





and I hereby dedicate this post to my dear friends Nancy and Mike. you continue to be in our prayers and we love you ... continue to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT (I know you will)


starting MOST RECENT to LEAST RECENT. (don't tell me that's weird too)

1st grade!

3rd grade!

"MOM! I am being COOOL!" really?

how did they get so GINORMOUS? :(

Ty meets Max Hall

bringing sexy back.

did I mention she's walking?

so MUCH FUN at Bear Lake and the Cabin. and yes I forgot swim suits. but I remembered the Lysol.

Paige's summer diet consisted mostly of dog food. MY CHILD??? HOW???

swimming lessons!!!

Pudgey-Wudgey got glasses. and learned how to read. she is amazing.

my sweet boy shootin' a gun. (a BB gun. but still a gun!) he had a *BLAST* at Scout Day Camp. I would know. I was there. (say hi to the Aspen Heights Wolf Leader. howwwwwwwwwwwwl!)

the 24th ... Ty and Hai in the parade. they loved it. Hai was pretty sure it made her famous. I am pretty sure it didn't.

RODEO!!! we all LOVED it. funny (((true))) story: when we were walking in one of the clowns looked at Hai and said "Hi cutie!" I (yes I -- not she) said "HI!" there was no recovery -- "I meant -- she says hi?" he looked at me like a crazy.

we went to the Fiesta Days Carnival -- where Ty did 2 spinning rides in a row. we told him he looked "pale" which TOTALLY FREAKED HIM OUT!!! it was hilarious.....

she LOVED the Carnival ...

Happy 6th Birthday Hailey!!!

we love our "Squeezy baby" -- "Baby Joey"

Happy 4th ... can't do the 4th without the Hyrum parade...

Kenny & Adam got hitched! and oh how we celebrated...

Ty and Josh on Autopia -- Ty was a crazzzzy driver
(CAUTION: many Disneyland pictures to come)

Tink! SHE WAS HILARIOUS!!! I wanted to put her in my pocket and bring her home.

Ty escaped to Agrabah for a bit...

ohhhh how she LOVED the princesses (the 2+ hour wait -- not so much...)

Grandma -- I think Paige's sunglasses are more in style!!!
(at Laguna Beach. I didn't see L.C. or Stephen. or Dieter. or Kristin. do they still live there?)

Pudgey playing in the sand

she is so darn cute!

Jumper? you don't love the sand? no?

these kids had so much fun.

he thought he saw JAWS!

searching for seashells with Grandma...

kinda cute... huh?

the Paradise Pier Hotel ... it was pretty cool
(CAUTION: more Disneyland pictures!)

the castle. need I say more?

Who's the leader of the club ...

... that's made for you and me?

Oh Paigey Paigey ... (and her "Gap daddy")

crashed. completely and totally exhausted. hi uncle rico!

we figured this way he was balanced?

having the time of their young lifes...

she needed to meet Mickey too! (Paigey. not me.)

we stopped in VEGAS on the drive to D-land (which ... I might add ... was NOT convenient AT ALL. we thought it would be fun to stay on the strip -- it WAS fun -- but added TOO MUCH DRAMA. ANDREW.)
our hotel in the background...

somebody was not too fond of the Rain Forest Cafe ... I guess it's kinda creepy?


we survived the long drive...


ROCK STAR day for Riverview 2nd graders. yes Muncie folks: that IS the Milli-Vanilli wig!!!

Kindergarten graduation...

Mother's Day. (((yes -- THAT far back! holy c.))) the kids went door to door to sell their junk errrrr toys to earn money to go to the neighborhood garage sale to buy me these TREASURES!!! that I promise I have displayed all over the house! PROMISE!!!

ok. seriously ... that was painful! but guess who is caught up on blogging? ok almost caught up... to come: pictures of the new house (promise! -- really really promise!) and maybe the crazy girls weekend.

until next time ---