Thursday, October 16, 2008

we were meant to be.

***a modern-day, true love story... seriously!***

disclaimer: if all things mushy and ooey-gooey aren't "your thing" then please by all means skip this post.

it all started on a cool, crisp September evening. it was a casual trip into Target. nothing in particular to buy... just browsing. isn't that how you're supposed to shop Target... just ewwww and awwww over the "fun-ness" and occasionally buy the "fun-ness" ? ...

at first glance, I wasn't so sure. "it's different! too different?"

then I saw the price tag. the CLEARANCE price tag. 50% off! oh my! $80 down to $40. oh my!!!

I consulted my partner in crime. (mother.) oh yes! she likes! the color is different.

I buy it. my heart flutters with excitement. i hope my new treasure looks lovely somewhere in my house. somewhere... there must be somewhere!

the days pass. the weeks go on. treasure still has no home. no where to look pretty. no where fitting for such a find.

sigh. I guess it's back to Target you go.

upon it's return, the Target lady says "wow! it's now marked down to $19.99!"

"WHAT?" panic. panic. panic. 75% off!?? I HAVE to HAVE it. at 75% off. HAVE TO.

"Can I buy it back?"

"NO." She says. "You have to wait for it to go back on the floor."

"Seriously lady?" (I thought. I should have said.)

Instead I walked away.

And stalked those 2 aisles of the store for the remainder of our Target visit.

no sign of my 75% off treasure.

but no worries, I will come back in the morning. first thing in the morning. never mind the 20 minute drive. I'll be back.

my first thing in the morning turned into 10:00. oh crep. fat chance treasure is still there... but I gotta try. I've GOT TO TRY.

I arrive at the aisle. no sign of my treasure. I casually skim the end caps of all surrounding aisles. no sign.

it's gone. someone else grabbed your 75% off beautiful self and they are happy and I am not!

I give it one last shot. one last thorough look. it is no where to be found... it is really, really not there.

as I exit the aisle, ready to accept my defeat, I see a Target boy headed my way.

and in a magical turn of events: GUESS WHAT HE IS HOLDING?

I proceed to watch him try to find a spot for the treasure. he can't find others (there are no others.) he is baffled as to where it belongs.

I want to shout "It's MINE!!! ALL MINE." and then of course, let out a wicked, evil laugh.

Instead, I play it cool. "Excuse me: Can I take a peak at that?"

"Oh! I like it!"

"I think I'll take it!"

He says "Really?" (It's too different for you Target boy? you don't like the color, do you?)

My heart is beating so fast I swear it's going to jump out of my chest.

Can you BELIEVE THAT TIMING? A moment sooner or a moment later and it would not have ended this way. See... we were MEANT to be.

Just at 75% off. Not 50% off.

Now back to the drawing board: where to put you? for 75% off, I am sure I will find the PERFECT spot.

this picture does NOT do the color justice... think vibrant yellowish/greenish (sort of a pea green? ewwwww... oh crep?!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"why can't you be like THAT mommy?"

That's what Hailey said last night after seeing the Electrolux commercial featuring Kelly Ripa. I will tell you w h y n o t .... because my magical snapping fingers DON'T WORK! THEY DON'T! Do yours?

Oh... and I like food way too much... .... .... WAY too much.

Monday, October 13, 2008