Friday, November 30, 2007


no wait... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I have been a blog slacker. I have been bad (obviously) at posting and bad at keeping up with all of yours. isn't this just a CRAZY (but FUN) time of year?

here are a few quick updates:
we had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with dear friends here is South Dak. The meal and the company were splendid. A special thank-you to Quinn and Teresa for hosting and making such a DELICIOUS dinner. We don't know what we would do without our dear friends here; and we hope to never find out ;) We had a great day.

a picture of those in attendance:

Hailey's phrase of the week:
"You RUINED my heartbeat!" **going a step further than breaking her heart -- yes she is a bit dramatic**

the house is officially DECORATED for the holidays -- with the exception of the outside lights... which I might add will go up tomorrow (Andrew... you reading this? TOMORROW!!! ;) I will post some pictures of the house soon (April?)

and lastly -- the thing that is keeping me so busy (besides the kids and everyday life...): orders for Christmas card designs. This LemonLimeDesign stuff is taking off! Thanks to those who have referred me to friends and family ... it is so appreciated!

p.s. Tor... this post was done in honor of you. Happy birthday a day late!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am crazy. And I am going crazy.

a double whammy, I know. believe me, I know.

Allow me to explain.

(Here is the I am going crazy part.)
Last night I was having a hard time falling asleep. As I was laying there I heard what I thought was the sump pump turning on. That's strange -- it's FREEEEZING cold, there's no way that the sump pump is turning on. So... I continue thinking... WHAT IS THAT NOISE????? Oh cr*p ... it's our furnace: it's going to explode. It's our auto ice maker: gone wild. It's our garage door: obviously possessed of the devil -- going up/down/up/down. AHHHH!!! WHAT IS THAT NOISE? Finally, I couldn't take it. I woke up my soundly-sleeping hubby:


He says "the WASHING MACHINE?"

I said "No-- I finished all the laundry earlier. It isn't the washing machine."

He says "It's not???"

Me (panicking!): "WHAT IS THAT NOISE?"

Right then it occurred to me...

Me to poor hubby: "never mind -- go back to sleep."

Sooooo... I HAD started the washing machine. And completely forgot. Totally and completely forgot. Because, you see...

(And here is the I am crazy part.)
I didn't start the washing machine to wash clothes. Or sheets. Or anything else that you wash in a washing machine. INSTEAD, I was 'hot water/bleaching' the actual washing machine. There has been so much laundry activity this week that I decided it was time to wash the washing machine.

Please please please tell me that at least one of you out there has done or does do this? Please. We can be crazy together. In fact, I think there might be a club or group or something that we could join...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

so blessed.


For our mom (and grandma):

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! We can't thank you enough for coming to our rescue! We loved having you visit and are so grateful for all of your help (laundry, dishes, keeping the house clean and in order, cooking, finger soaks, medicine for all, and enduring endless manicures, pedicures and make-overs from a 4-year-old)

a great birthday for a great kid.

Tyler wanted to have dinner at Applebee's and go bowling on his birthday. After we found out there were bowling leagues, we changed our plans to Pizza Hut and swimming afterwards.

Tyler's birthday party was Friday night. We had a "surprise" guest... one of Ty's heros: Andy Hoogeveen -- an SDSU linebacker. Ty answered the door and said "ANDY?!!" He was so shocked and so happy!

Other party guests...

The theme for Ty's party was the Red Sox! Grandma did a great job frosting the baseball cake and cupcakes.

The sign that I took WAY too long to do... but it turned out kinda cool, don't you think?!

The happy boy with mom, dad, and Scooba. It was a fun couple of days celebrating our cute Tyler!

Had to sneak this one in... I love these guys!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

7 years.

to the little guy that I love more than words... happy, happy, happy birthday!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


my mom is in town. we ventured to Sioux Falls for a Target/mall run on Thursday (no school because of parent/teacher conferences)

while in Target, lots of nice customers were smiling at the children. in response, Ty would pull a frowny face and make a soft growling noise. real nice, huh? so my mom told Ty that it would be ok for him to be a little friendly and smile when others smiled at him.

Moments later, Hailey angelically smiled and said "hi" to a lady that we passed on the aisle. I was feeling so proud that at least one of my children could be polite. two seconds later she says "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" (as well as mustering the same soft growl as Ty.)

HOLY CR**! I was so embarrassed. I apologized to the (now laughing, thankfully) lady and said that I think she meant "excuse me" ... luckily the lady had a sense of humor.

Friday, November 2, 2007

captain jack sparrow & the most beautiful sparkle witch

our halloween was a hit... trick or treating... ward party... SDSU b-ball game. Yes, lots to fit into one night, but we did it all AND had a really fun night! here are pictures of the cuties in their costumes. oh... and Ty is wearing the wal-mart women's clearance blouse and yes it was perfect!