Friday, May 15, 2009

a straight-forward answer is out of the question.

and now get ready for one million pictures. . .

Ty and his first pinewood derby car! it did HORRIBLE!!!

Amy had a happy birthday! (promise!!!)

Happy Easter!

Beetle got a mullet!

we went mini-golfing! Tyler cheated WAY BAD!!!

Ade and Josh got sealed!

ohhhh.... awwwww!!!!

we celebrated Paiges 1st birthday!

we went to the zoo!

this little dude was ready to gobble up Paige! FREAKY!!!


we celebrated Paige's birthday again!!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"because your mommy needs a break from KIDS!!!"

hi fans.  I mean friends.  I mean fans.  .... ok BOTH -- right???

this blog has been neglected -- wouldn't you say?  yes I would say too.

I have lots of cute pictures to put on here.  but they are still living happily in my camera.  and will stay that way for sometime.

so instead I offer you a much-needed Haileyism.

yesterday we were watching our friends little girl while they were at the doctor.  Alexis asked Hailey and I why she was staying with us and Hailey looks at her so matter-of-factly and says 

"because your mommy needs a break from KIDS!"

amen to that sister.