Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dear south dakota,

you are too cold. seriously, seriously, seriously too cold.


Lindsay said...

Dear Amy,

I'm terribly sorry. Please know, though, that it's not fun and games having to dish it out to you. I want summer to come just as much as the next guy.

South Dakota

Shayne said...

Dear St George,

Why are you 65 degrees in the winter?

Why was I able to golf in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday?

Why does Amy post only monthly now?


Dear Shayne,

Because I rule and everyone loves me.

Because she is a slacker.

Love, St George

Tori said...

ha ha...sorry about the weather...

p.s. do post more, won'tcha?

Stephanie said...

Glad to know you are still alive!

The snow sucks here in Salem........enough already!

jill & fam said...

I'm with you, ready for some warmth. I'm grateful for all the snow we've received, but isn't time for some sunshine?

Daniel, Kari & Co. said...

Amen. Cannot say more as my fingertips are frozen solid. . . All hell, I mean hail, South Dakota.

Adrienne said...

i waited 1 whole month for something new on your blog and this is all i get? we know it's cold. -43 degrees cold. that sucks!!! so so sorry. don't die. please don't die.

Q & T McKnight said...

Amy and Kari, remember, we are in this together?! I believe a warm spell is moving in this weekend -- minus 10 degrees. Love you guys! Mother T

Jen said...

Sorry! I can't relate to the cold. I think I am getting a tan in February...St. George is awesome. Come visit anytime

Chelsea said...

Sometimes I can't open my car door because it is frozen... and I still have to wear a coat... and

I give up
I love the warm STG weather

Glad to see a post from you! Glad to know you are indeed alive!

Katie said...

finally she speaks

Lucy said...

Dear FL,

I miss you.


I feel you, we literally came home from a vacation to West Palm Beach. I highly recommend a trip! :) Hope you can curl up with a hot cocoa and a good book sooN!

MegaPPod said...

Hibernation. I suppose that is a good excuse for leaving all your fans in the dark for so long.