Tuesday, September 23, 2008

dryer sheets are a marketing scheme.

you don't need them.  I repeat you don't need them.  

so anyway, I took Hailey in for a haircut yesterday.  I didn't have a chance to take her to someone WORTHY because school pictures are tomorrow (I procrastinated... again...)

so I took her to Sam's Salon or whatever the heck it's called (the Wal-Mart haircutting placey-thingy).... wait:  did you just gasp?  I thought I WAS the GASPER! 

I gave the cutter (stylist?  yeah right) what I thought were clear instructions.

A-line cut

as short as you can go in the back (to her hairline)

front obviously longer than the back (South Dak. hair-cutters had a hard-time with the "A-line" concept so I always stress this)  Front longer than the back!  Back shorter than the front!  NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!  PLEASE!!!  PRETTY PLEASE???

slightly stacked in the back

absolutely NO layers in the front

Are YOU clear on this?  YOU could cut her hair with these excellent, precise instructions, couldn't you?


She got the front longer than the back part.  Oh yes she did.

But the STACK in the BACK.  OH GOSH:  HELLO ALICE FROM THE BRADY BUNCH!!!  It looks terrible.  The shortest "stack" is ONE INCH LONG.  I AM NOT EXAGGERATING.  ONE INCH.

I know it's just hair.  I know it will grow back.  But do you know what else I know:  goodbye Sam's salon... forever.  It just wasn't meant to be.

now go get rid of your dryer sheets.  I dare you.


Holly said...

All of that and no picture?! Amy, how could you? Sam's Salon? Again, how could you? Hailey, I'm sure you're just as cute as you can be even with a funky cut. We love you!

fleetfeet said...

Pictures, please!

mommyofthree said...

I haven't used dryer sheets since the ones I bought with you that one time. It's true, you don't need them.

I'm so sorry about Hailey's hair. We had a similar experience with Jennica. It wasn't quite as bad, but I had to fix it. I'm sure Hailey's adorable still!

Lindsay said...

I'm with you on the no dryer sheets. Haven't used them in ages.

So sorry about the crappy haircut! But I suppose every kid deserves at least one horrible trim. It makes childhood worth talking about someday when you're older.

daisy said...

I love dryer sheets. They get my wet sheets smelling nice again after I left them in the washer all day.

And I agree, must see a picture!

Adrienne Hansen said...

i hear it's not that bad. seriously.

when i don't use dryer sheets my towels and jaden's blankets are static-y. HOW do I fix that?

Jas, Kris and Kiddies said...

I feel guilty. I tried to find you last week to give you Tara's #, so she could cut Haileys hair. Jason was telling me all about it. I am sorry. I have had the Walmart salon cut my hair and I came out looking like a boy. It was horrid. Oh and by the way your blog was making me laugh my head off. Amy, you are hilarious!!

Megan said...

I doubt that cute little Hailey could look bad- even with an awful haircut. But I'm sorry about the Sam's experience.

Ade, I'm with you... no dryer sheet = static static static.

Jen said...

Scary Wal-mart experience! This is why I have Kylee's hair long. As far as the dryer sheets, I don't think they do much good, especially if you use fabric softner in your wash

Tori said...

i don't get the dryer sheets thing?? I think I NEED THEM!

I bet Joey's hair looks fine...she's so cute she could pull off any look!

Nancy said...

If you don't use dryer sheets, do you use fabric softener??? I'm 53 yrs. old and have always used one or the other.

Just put one of those big flower things in Hailey's hair and no one will notice... Can you tell hair isn't important to me :)

Jocee Bergeson said...

Don't dryer sheets help with SMELL and STATIC? Especially with garments?! Let me know...if I *really* don't need them, I'll get rid of them. :)

Katie said...

Pictures- I need pictures. And I'm with Tori- when I don't use dryer sheets my clothes are SO static filled and it makes mine and my kids hair full of static and fly every where.

Chelsea said...

Well my dryer sheets have always been out so no one is making money off me. I use fabric softner (Downy to be exact)and I never have static or problems. Just good smelling clean clothes!

Q and T McKnight said...

I am in with the rest - no matter how short Sam's cut her hair - Hailey will "always look like a little doll"!

Sure miss you guys (I am sure you are tired of hearing that but I am dreaming if I say it enough you will move back - ha)!

Stay in touch!

With Love,

Mother T

Marcie said...

luckily for me I don't use dryer sheets...as for scrapbooking...love it....just don't have time to do it! And I'm sure hai's hair looks just fine...I am sure with your talents you can fix it totally darling!