Wednesday, August 26, 2009

gorilla bar.

this morning ...
"Mom, teacher said it was ok for us to bring some water and like a healthy snack to school."

"OK. What kind of snack are you thinking of?"

"Teacher said something like a gorilla bar?"

"UM... We don't have those." (thinking is this some kind of crazy new hostess snack cake that I don't know about? and since when are hostess snack cakes healthy? nevermind... they are ALWAYS healthy.

so Ty went to school with just water. And it just barely occured to me what a gorilla bar is. DUH! did you figure it out too?


Jen said...

My kids used to say something like that, one time I asked them to show what they mean and it was granola bars. Too funny!

TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

LOL! Oh, it's just so sad when us moms are so clueless on the new trends going on these days. What will they think of next? Otter Pops during recess or something?! ;) Weird stuff out there.

Melanie said...

Love all the family Disney pictures!
Also, you are not freakishly clean. People who don't care about stuff like that are gross and dirty.
Lastly, gorilla is funny! My friend's little boy once asked for a boy cheese sandwich instead of a girl cheese sandwich and it took a minute to figure out that one too.

jill d said...

LOL, love it!

trevandcherribrooks said...

Ha ha. I figured it out right away. I think that's a sign I've been around too many little kids. By the way, we have you beat on the moving front (not that I enjoy moving). We are working on six moves in six years.

daisy said...

I knew it when I saw the post title. I must be a better mom than you. Funny. Parly called granola bars, nickle bars....who knows why?

Tori said...

totally just google "gorilla bar" and then it hit me GRANOLA...ha ha!

Joanna said...

Made with 100% real gorilla! Yum. I'll take a granola bar any day.

Adrienne Hansen said...

"Mom, teacher said it was ok for us to bring some water and like a healthy snack to school." I can hear him say exactly this. It's the "like." He says that often and I love it.