Wednesday, May 2, 2007

True colors.

OK... just recently I realized I have some (ok A LOT) of really embarrasing habits. Things that I might turn a little red in the face if I knew others knew what I was up to. So... rather than wait for that day when somebody figures me out I am just going to lay it out on the line. Please feel free to fess up your embarrasing habits as well. It's kind of liberating.

1. I love Hostess snack cakes. Twinkies top the list.

2. I watch and love Desperate Housewives.

3. I have lost sleep over the fact that the nearest Target is 50 minutes away. Seriously, I actually have not been able to sleep because it stresses me out so much.

4. I jam out to these songs on a daily basis: "Back for Good" (Take That) ... "Head to Toe" (Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam) ... "I Want it that way" (Backstreet Boys). now maybe it wouldn't be SO humiliating if I didn't insist on singing/dancing along. (*Think American Idol reject style.)

5. I hate washing my face. It gets done in the shower and in the shower only. (YES... I wear makeup to bed. GASP.)

6. When putting ANYTHING away in my house, I don't simply put it where it goes. I survey the whole area (closet, drawer) and try to come up with a "better" organizing system for that area. Quite often I end up tearing the whole thing apart and starting over. It's a sickness, really, and big fat waste of time!

There are plenty more and I will add as I see fit... but I need to start making beds and cleaning up (in other words, ripping closets apart... haha)



Adrienne said...

oh my heck! i would be SO embarassed if i were you! haha! this is so totally cute! loving it!

Sarah said...

Feel free to come to my house to sing and dance while ripping apart and organizing my closets. I'll even rent a karaoke machine if it will help you :)

Amy said...

I'm in. Just as long as we can find "Ewww baby I think I love you from head to toe" karaoke style. Everyone needs to try cleaning to that song. It works MIRACLES.

daisy said...

I asked Shayne to help me think of some good crazy stuff that I do. We couldn't really come up with anything... Pretty much being me will do it.

Parly said,"Making me eat cold lunch at school everyday. Now that's embarrassing."

Okay here's this: When I'm really stressed to the MAX....I just start singing weird phrases with weird music tunes that don't even make sense. (I can't really give you an example because they come and go as often as my mood swings....frequent and quick). But they somehow give me relief.
Good for me. Bad for everyone else.

Analee said...

WOW! I just learned what a blog was :-) I'm blogging-count me in! You wouldn't mind coming to my closets would you???? And Andy can finish my paper? Think about it---K-:-)

Brooke said...

This is too fun! I think if I asked Miles & Harry what I do that embarrasses them it would be how John and I sing songs together: loudly and with bad harmony. We only do it among ourselves for a laugh, but they both hate it.

p.s. Amy and Sarah, you should enter my contest before it is over. I'm revealing the true answer Saturday morning.

Stephanie said...

Hey! It was great to get your email! You are so funny! I have too many "true colors" to confess! This will be fun to be in contact with you more.

Love, Steph (LMJ's wife....ask Andy if you are confused)

Stephanie said...

Hey girl-

Shipping to you guys.......of course!

Amy said...

I'm interested! Tell me more... (shipping costs? How on earth would you ship a bench...?)

p.s. you need to be telling Sammy that if he going to get married, it has to be to Hailey :) Our kids are just going to have to deal with the whole arranged marriage thing, and that is that!

Terilynn said...

Hi Amy!! I have lots of friends who BLOG but I havent felt the need. MAybe I will. I liked the diet coke story!!! LOL

Adrienne said...

Who are all these people? You have made friends and not told me! PS-you need a new entry. I'm bored.

Amy said...

I know I know, it's coming.

These people = my friends. If you would come to South Dakota, you will meet my friends.*

*Please be advised that none of these friends live in South Dakota.