Sunday, July 15, 2007

the best part.

about being home is spending time with family and friends; many that we haven't seen for too long.

the worst part: missing Andrew too much. we wish he was here with us!

now get ready for lots of pictures...

Hailey with Aunt Tori

Amy and Ol' Reek

Amy and Sarah

Amy's, Sarah's, Daisy's, Leslie's kiddos (plus me -- Hailey wouldn't be in the photo otherwise)

Amy, Leslie, Dais and Sarah

Hailey and Ty with Great Grandma

Birthday girl Hailey with Grandma

Ty with cousins: Ashlee, Jessica, Treyson, Nicholas, Janessa & Ryker

Ty and Nick

Hai with cousins Kylee and Chloe

Ty with "Buddy Cort"

Hai with Macy

Ty and Hai with Cort, Macy and Caleb

Amy and Molly

Ty and Hai with Indiana friends Shaylie, Jennica and Mary

Amy and Kimberlie

Ty with Grandpa Ross

Amy, "Highness" and Gina


Adrienne said...

Why "Highness"??? Very cute pictures. Doesn't make me want to be home at all. I was very most excited to see Ty with Buddy Court. I don't know why I like them together so much...probably their dancing skills.

Amy said...

that is what tyler named him. I have no idea how to spell highness, so that was my best shot. tyler was so excited that I put that picture on here. I also love the shot of Ty with Buddy Cort.

Me said...

Looks like you are having a fun stay with your mom. I like your blog- your kids are getting big.

Adrienne said...

Did I tell you already that I really like Ty's thumbs up thing! He's a funny guy.