Thursday, August 16, 2007

why do THEY do that?

seriously. why?

I will tell you why.

because THEY are brillant. very very brillant brillant people. who are driving me 150% crazy.

ok now that I've got your attention...

this is what I am talking about:

hangers. GRRRRR. HANGERS!!!!!!

I must insert a warning: if you do not already know what a psycho I am please don't read any further. but you are going to keep reading ANYWAY... aren't you?

here's the scoop. I need some new hangers. no big deal, right? WELL IT IS A MAJOR... MASSIVE... HUGE... CAUSING ME TO LOSE SLEEP... DEAL. BECAUSE the brillant people mentioned above CHANGE the hangers roughly every year so that it is impossible for one to have matching hangers unless you buy ALL NEW hangers when in reality you only need 5-10.

ok. I know. none of the rest of you care if your hangers match. I wish I didn't care. Really, I do. But I do care. so it looks like I am going to buy 250 new hangers. just so that they all match. I will be sure to post a picture of the pretty matching hangers.


Shayne said...

Hangers?....... (awkward pause)....yeah.... matching hangers ARE very important..... please don't hurt your family now.

daisy said...

Amy, please do not come and look in Shayne's closet. He has NO matching hangers. He has the metal ones, plastic ones, wood ones, and I think he might even have some of the girls little hangers cause he ran out. Sad!

Oh, and some are even turned the other way. You know what I'm talking about...turned so you have to pull the hanger towards the back of the closet first to get it out. Frightening!

I'm not like you when it comes to hangers...but I can totally relate to having to have things the same or matching.

Sarah said...

If you're going to buy all matching hangers, could you save your old ones for me?? I'll pay the shipping. I'm serious. This would be the most matching hangers I've ever owned. Call me and we'll discuss the details.

Adrienne said...

i know what you mean. josh made fun of me for buying all green hangers (they are a cute green) just for the summer. and i know he's not going to want to drive home with them all, so bye bye cute green hangers.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just go with plain white or metal hangers???? It would solve the problem.

Amy said...

dear anonymous,
I have all plain white hangers. the style of them is what keeps changing. so I can't have them all the same EVEN if they are all white.

I know I need help. seriously. thanks for the tip though.

Josh said...

hi amy. i have black hangers for all those in the hanger business....but the real reason i am leaving a comment is because i am feeling shy and thought that by leaving a comment i might be able to overcome too much of the muchness of being shy which is really just shyness of the shyest. shy ya later.

Daniel, Kari & Co. said...

So, I'm with Sarah, I'll gladly take all rejected hangers (no shipping required :]). I'd be happy if I could just get a closet of plastic ones. Currently it sounds like our closets most closely match Shayne's. My neurosis is obviously in other areas!