Wednesday, August 29, 2007


because... well. why not?
you NEED to buy this:

it's so good. really. it reminds me of the bread at Macaroni Grill. oh, if the "sam's choice" on the box didn't give it away, you buy it at wal-mart. where ELSE would I buy it in this here town of mine?

yes, her:

these photos were taken during my days of ailment. she was sooo patient and good. her favorite past-time was to give mommy a "make-over" ... then I would reciprocate (thus, the pictures...) there are no pictures of me post-makeover because Hailey's idea of a makeover is mascara all over my face. and let's face it... sick face and mascara face = not a pretty picture. I don't think any of you would come back... ever.

while on the hailey-subject, I have two funny hailey moments to share : 1) for the past week-ish she has requested her bedroom light left on bedtime. she falls asleep INSTANTLY. I can't explain it. maybe she would stay in bed ALL night long if I left her light on ALL night long? might be worth a shot? AND worth the inflated energy bill. 2) last night she cried for at least 15 minutes because she wanted to watch "boston" on tv. "boston" = the boston red sox. andrew was a very proud daddy at that moment. too bad they weren't on tv last night. to calm her, we just put her in bed and turned on her light. MAGIC... ;)

and the last random...
it has been raining here so much (so much) (so much ) (so much) (so much). as a result, we have mushrooms the size of baseballs growing in our yard. ***I meant to take a picture*** but I didn't get to it before andrew mowed the lawn***next time maybe he could be more considerate?*** anyway... anyone want to come over for lunch tomorrow? we could have pizza... salads... ?



daisy said...

When I am sick I love to let the girls fix my hair. It's great! Once I even paid them to give me back massages... they all took a turn...but I'm pretty sure I over paid them.

donswife said...

I let my neices give me a makeover once and the cheap bright red lipstick didn't come off of my lips/cheeks for about a week... that was the end of that~! I will be there for lunch...:)

Adrienne said...

I'm carpooling with Tori to get there. YES! So cute that Joey wanted to watch Boston. So cute.