Saturday, November 3, 2007


my mom is in town. we ventured to Sioux Falls for a Target/mall run on Thursday (no school because of parent/teacher conferences)

while in Target, lots of nice customers were smiling at the children. in response, Ty would pull a frowny face and make a soft growling noise. real nice, huh? so my mom told Ty that it would be ok for him to be a little friendly and smile when others smiled at him.

Moments later, Hailey angelically smiled and said "hi" to a lady that we passed on the aisle. I was feeling so proud that at least one of my children could be polite. two seconds later she says "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" (as well as mustering the same soft growl as Ty.)

HOLY CR**! I was so embarrassed. I apologized to the (now laughing, thankfully) lady and said that I think she meant "excuse me" ... luckily the lady had a sense of humor.


Lindsay said...

Your kids are awesome. :)

mommyofthree said...

She's too much. That is so funny, almost as good as the little boob story.

Adrienne said...

oh my flipping crap! they are way too funny!!! i think they get there store politeness from grandma felt-remember your stories from when she was in target in sioux falls.

Tori said...

How funny, she starts out polite and then BAM! Still way to cute, though!! I sure do miss you guys!!