Wednesday, April 23, 2008

(I think) that someday

this might be funny.

But for now, it's not.

Yesterday, when rushing to get Ty from school, Hailey and I were backing out of the garage when CRASH!!!!

... yes we hit something.

I assumed there was a car in my driveway that I hadn't seen.


Hailey had grabbed the garage opener and put the door down while I was backing out.

Double-whammy. Our poor (just repaired -- might I add!) car and now dented garage.


*picture obviously taken before the incident.


Nancy said...

So, so, so, sorry. This too shall pass.

Tori said...

Did it almost put you into labor?? I am sorry that does not sound fun... but it really could be something you laugh about with Hailey Joey when she gets older?!

daisy said...

Ouch. Not fun. It will be funny when Hailey is older and learning to drive and backs into the garage door herself. Then it will be funny when she says, "I learned it from you, mom."

Stephanie said...

At least you have someone to blame!

"Someone" at our house did that a couple of months ago.........we aren't mentioning names!

Hope things are looking up for you!

We were getting worried that your Dyson had overtaken your life, when you hadn't posted for so long!

mommyofthree said...

Oh dear. I'm SO sorry. It's a good thing that girl is so darn cute.

Adrienne said...

totally, totally sucky.

Torrie Family said...

Don't you remember when Tyson did that to us in Muncie? We had to replace the bottom section of our garage door...Sorry to tell you it still isn't funny.

Shayne said...

The worst part is she also tore down your rearview mirror so you could not see the door was down. I mean, I am sure everyone looks in their rearview before they go in reverse right? So Hailey must have stolen the garage door opener and then ripped the rearview down. Kids are so crazy.

Megan said...

Hey, look at it this way, Tyler can learn to play tennis by hitting a ball against the door until it's fixed. :) I always remember my mom wouldn't let me play tennis against our door because she didn't want it dented. But Hailey already took care of that. :)

nan said...

awwwww, so sorry!!! Send her to me :)

nan said...

Sooooo sorry!!!! Send her to me :)

Q & T McKnight said...

So sorry about this incident happened to a woman 8 months pregnant. So glad it did not send you into labor and both you and Hailey are okay.

Hang in there - you will have many more eventful happenings. Speaking from experience, you can't wait until your kids are grown so you don't have to worry anymore, then comes grandkids! I give up?!

Thanks for lunch the other day! Loved our chat. You cracked me up woman!

Melissa said...

My mom called me last night and told me all about your crazy week, you poor should just be relaxing before the new baby gets here. Good luck with the delivery, it sounds like its around the corner!