Tuesday, April 29, 2008

too good to be true?


it was a great day. I got everything done I had hoped to get done -- caught up on laundry -- house clean -- little nagging projects done -- big nagging projects put on a list of things I will have to worry about after the baby.

it was just one of those "I kick butt" days.

now fast forward to today.... or I should say last night/today.

Tyler has a double-ear infection. His left ear drum ruptured in the night. He is now puking today. and running a fever.

my house.... not so clean anymore.

my laundry... not so caught up anymore.

my sanity... long gone.

my "I kick butt" attitude... gone with the sanity.

Sorry little baby -- but you JUST CAN'T COME YET!!!!


Tori said...

yikes, I am soo sorry that isn't fair for the little ty guy or the soon-to-be babe or you!! Hopefully Ty can get better soon!

daisy said...

That's crappy! Sick kids are hard all around. Yes. This is the time to be glad baby is nice and snug in tummy.

Nancy said...

You can always "kick butt" tomorrow or the next day... babies will come when they come... It is never at the most convenient time, but it always works out.