Friday, December 26, 2008

do you know what I love?

that this is my blog and there is absolutely no pressure ever to do anything with it. like, for instance, post christmas pictures. because let's be honest that isn't going to happen anytime soon. ok probably not at all.

and because it's my blog I can rant and rave about the things that make me crazy.

like for example:

is that thing in your kitchen sink that grinds up your food a ......

garbage DISPOSAL?

don't google it.

and if you think it IS a disposal you are wrong. and if you call it a disposal in front of me I will correct you. (I CAN'T HELP IT. IT JUST HAPPENS)

google it now if you want.


it is a DISPOSER. a garbage DISPOSER. disposal is the brand name for most (not all) disposers.

oh the things that drive me crazy. you would really think I had bigger fish to fry, eh?


Chelsea said...

You are absolutely 100% welcome to fry my big fish once school starts again!

Adrienne Hansen said...

josh calls it a disposer also. you guys are weird. it will always be a disposal to me. that's what my mommy taught me.


Tori said...

you kill me... that's all, sorry to have missed your call this evening...we will see you soon.

Sarah said...

If you really want to get technical, mine is called a Food Waste Disposer.