Monday, December 1, 2008

purple pajama pants

where ARE YOU?

I assumed you were in the huge D.I. pile on accident.

you were not.

I thought perhaps you had fallen behind the washer. or dryer.

you have not.

I wished that you accidentally got put away with the children's clothes.

not there either.

are you still in South Dakota? (come to Utah! it's warmer here! ((I am still wearing flip-flops... true story.))


I miss you.


Adrienne Hansen said...

You actually owned purple pajama pants?

Truth-I took them last year while I was in SD. True Story. You told me to take them.

Just kidding. SODDDY!

Jonathan and Michelle said...

Good luck finding them! Maybe your husband hid them from you!

Tori said...

They are probably in the same place and my button container...ha ha! So soddy for your loss I hope they turn up, I can't believe you are still wearing flip flops...amazing!

Lindsay said...

I hope you find them!

Chelsea said...

Well I can't relate to the purple pajama pants, but I can relate to still wearing flip flops... and I'm lovin' it!

Holly said...

I just hate when that happens! I hate that you can wear flipflops! I can't even wear tennis shoes..too cold. It must be winter boots. I'm so sick of bundling up I could die. -28 today. So sad.

Nicole said...

Oh Amy, you totally crack me up!

Nicole said...

One more thing. I also have purple pajama pants that I love! But for some strange reason, sometimes I get the feeling that Nate doesn't love them as much as me. Weird, I know! Maybe Andrew feels the same as Nate and he could have something to do with this!!!

Jas, Kris and Kiddies said...

Your stories are hilarious. I had a pair of blue pj pants, come to find out my mom cut them up to make rags. Curse her. Curse that day. Purple jammies, could be purple raggies right now...sorry.

Marcie said...

they are at moms house.....I saw them upstairs.