Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This one's for Ashley.


Adrienne said...

hahaha. ash-remember the time at kfc with you and me. hahaha.

Amy said...

I don't know that one. WHA happened?

Ashtabulator said...

oh, hey!!!

i love natalie dee!!!! plus, i'm awkward. so it's perfect. and that time at kfc was perfect, too. ok cool!!! see ya!!!

Adrienne said...

AMY. here's what happened at kfc. it was a lovely sunday afternoon. father and gina came to logan for a visit and we went to the drive through at kfc for some chicken and macaroni salad (which they no longer make). so they said they are all out of chicken and it would take like 20 minutes before any is ready. so we pull the box car into a stall and father and gina walk to albertson's to buy some shasta soda pops or something. so that leaves me and ashley and the lady in the car next to us that forgot to pull all the way into her stall and fell asleep while waiting for her chicken. so i turned to ashley and said "well this is awkward." and then i rolled down my window and laughed really loud and obnoxiously to wake the sleeping lady. she woke up and pulled her car into her spot. then her chicken came and she left.

moral of the story-kfc should not EVER run out of chicken.

Amy said...

moral of the story:
KFC should have NEVER stopped making the delicious macaroni salad. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?