Sunday, June 3, 2007

"I CODY!!!"

This picture represents our evenings at Tyler's soccer games. Hailey was not a fan of sitting through his games; she would cry for most of the first half saying "I CODY!" (meaning I am cold) or "MY WETS ARE COMING!" (meaning she had to go to the bathroom.) FINALLY... at least at most games, she would give up and fall asleep. Turns out she wasn't "cody" and didn't have "wets coming"... but instead was "TIWERD."

***My hair, which you can see in the picture, is really not orange. Although it may appear that way.


Adrienne said...

how can you not bust out laughing at her all the time? cody, my wets??? she is too cute. i hate that she is so far away. i miss my squish.

aaron r. andersen said...

you know who her "bets" friend is?

the number one enemy of this blah-g. me.

by the way, this was a fine post. let's keep this momentum going.

Megan said...

Cute pics!

Megan said...

aaron, maharishi university of management? where did that come from? and you don't look a thing like kenny rogers- sorry.