Sunday, June 17, 2007

(not) a happy camper

That was the last time I camped. I vowed then (due to coyotes and an out of control campfire) that I wouldn't camp again.

I camped again.
Friday night. Simply put: I was just trying to be diligent with my church duties.

It was... I don't want to say awful... but it sort of was awful. Pre-bedtime stuff was FUN (minus the enormous spider crawling up my thigh. I DON'T CARE IF IT WAS A DADDY-LONG LEG. IT WAS STILL A SPIDER.) The serious fun (um???) came when we retired to our tents. Did you know that in a South Dakota storm you DON'T FEEL SAFE IN A TENT (held up by METAL poles?) Nope. You don't. Let's just say my only comfort was that I brought my air mattress; I figured maybe I was safe from a lightening-related death because of the rubber base on that baby.

The most amazing part: the 4 month old baby in my tent SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE DANG THING. Couldn't believe it! We (the other tent occupants) hardly slept a wink.

Pictured are me at 3am (looking HOT huh?) and then me and the AMAZING babe the next morning.

Next time I camp?
2018... maybe...


Shayne said...

Camping is way overrated but you must have felt some comfort knowing that if you had at least 20 people at your camp, at least you had the whole population of South Dakota there with you if something bad happened.

daisy said...

That's crazy the baby was the one who did so well. I was also using the excuse that I can't go camping because of "the baby". I stand corrected.

Also Shayne promised our girls that they would go camping last weekend. Well Friday rolled around and camping didn't sound that it changed to sleeping outside in a tent in our backyard...and then to sleeping on the hide-a-bed in the T.V. room and watching Shrek with treats. Much better and cooler.

Amy said...

now that is my idea of camping :)

Adrienne said...

Amy, you have forgotten our fun camping trip up to Guineva with mom. Maybe that was 1996. But I swear it was more like 1998.

aaron r said...

i camp in westin hotels worldwide.

ashtab said...

i camp in the BLTC. aka, the bear lake training center.

Adrienne said...

cool. let's all go camping on friday night.