Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I am the victim of FRAUD. sort of. HOPEFULLY I caught it in time.

I received an e-mail from what I THOUGHT was PayPal needing to verify my info. -- heck-- it looked EXACTLY the same as the PayPal website. Anyway, the last step seemed fishy -- I should have stopped then. But NO -- I kept on going. It wasn't until I completed giving some jerks all my financial info. THAT I FIGURED IT OUT. I can't believe I didn't know. Now I know. And know you should all know too. NEVER EVER EVER verify your stuff b/c of an e-mail you receive. NEVER EVER.

And how is everyone else's day? You're all giving out your credit card info. as well... right?


daisy said...

That's so funny. And something I would totally do.
And funny that you would say this because I just ordered a book on Amazon and read the verification email (which I usually just erase)...and it talked about not giving out information on email. And that they would not ask over email for that kind of information. Crazy and Scary!

Shayne said...

That is sad. I feel bad Amy. And then to make an already bad day worse by using computer keys to make a frowny face, man that's rough.

china said...

Hmmm, I will only give my credit card iformation... when I am sure somebody will brng a nice amount of money to it (little joke). I am reading some next blogs, and I found your blog. It is a nice design, with beautiful pictures, the blog is bringing happiness.

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Much regards, Rob

Adrienne said...

Uhhh???? Ok. Sorry about your fraud. I think you got it in time though. Especially if you haven't seen anything charged yet. Hope your day today is better. I am f-ing tired.

Megan said...

I'm so sorry! That sucks!

aaron r. andersen said...

hey, my friend rob is finally here! hi, rob!

bad move, aym.